Tips For Getting The Highest Price for Your House in Moreno Valley

Getting The Highest Price for Your House

You want to get the best price you can for your house, and you probably also want to sell it as quickly as possible. It may seem like a major undertaking at first, but those are both attainable goals. First, consider calling on the expertise of a qualified real estate professional. After that, all you have to do is follow these tips for getting the highest price for your house in [market city].

Spruce Up Kitchen and Bath

Start by sprucing up the kitchen and the bath – just some noticeable updates, not major overhauls. Prospective buyers invariably check out the kitchen and bath, so whatever you do to improve those areas will have an impact on both sale price and speed of sale. For getting the highest sale price on your house in Moreno Valley, you could, for example:

  • Install new countertops in the kitchen
  • Refinish kitchen cabinets
  • Install new sink and tub fittings in the bathroom
  • Replace the old bathroom vanity

Call the Exterminator

Everyone hate bugs, but especially prospective home buyers. A single cockroach or termite could drive the sale price down or even kill the deal. Even if you are a great housekeeper, if your near neighbors haves prayed recently, the bugs may move next door to your house. So in the long run, what your exterminator charges will be worth every penny if you want to get the highest price for your house in Moreno Valley.


This may seem too obvious to need mentioning, but sometimes it gets overlooked in the frantic rush to address the bigger issues. Still, if you want to get the best price, you need to get rid of all that clutter. And don’t just stuff it into the closets because buyers will look there too.

Stage It

Professional staging may seem expensive, but in the broader view, when it adds thousands to the sale price or expedites the sale, it’s worth it. Professional staging companies know how to display your home to its best advantage. They can arrange it and set it up such that buyers are able to envision your house as their own home.

Professionals can also make your rooms seem bigger. Here’s an example. People almost always, on entering a room, scan it from left to right from the entry point. So the tallest, largest piece of furniture in the far-left (from the entry) corner, with successively smaller one following, will make the room seem larger and more spacious.

Price It Right

Judicious, strategic pricing is extremely important for getting the highest price for your house in Moreno Valley. And there’s more to it than just being in line with market value as revealed in the comps. Strategic pricing involves:

  • Pricing at the lower end of the home’s value range to encourage multiple offers and bidding competition.
  • Generating more interest among more buyers to put in an offer quickly to take advantage of the good price.
  • Ensuring the price falls within buyer parameters. For example, buyers will usually let their agent know the features they want and their preferred price range. So you will need to price within the specified price range of buyers who will be interested in your home.

Use a Qualified Local Agent

Getting the highest price for your house in [market city] almost always means using a qualified agent. But she shouldn’t be just any agent because a local agent can usually help you get better results. A local agent can help with optimum pricing because she’ll likely know about sales in the area/neighborhood that are in progress, but not yet on public record. Just make sure to research your agent beforehand, checking sales track record and whether the homes sold for more or less than the initial asking price.


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