Managing Stress When Selling A House In Moreno Valley

How To Manage The Stress When Buying or Selling A House In Moreno Valley

Buying or selling a house is usually the largest transaction of a lifetime for most of us. And on top of that, it involves all kinds of excruciating decisions and that most dreaded of all tasks: moving. That’s why the whole process is typically filled with so much anxiety and stress. But, really, it doesn’t have to be that way if you know what to do. So here’s our guide to managing stress when buying or selling a house in Moreno Valley.

Understanding the Causes

It really doesn’t matter whether we are considering the stress that accompanies buying or selling a house, in {market_city},  there are some major common causes of that stress. And understanding the causes is a first step toward avoiding it. Much of the stress is caused by 3 identifiable factors: the endowment effect, loss aversion, and irrational fear.

  1. The endowment effect involves buyers and sellers allowing their “subjective feelings to interfere while negotiating the price of the house. The seller may place too much value on this own house, while the buyer may feel that the price is too high even if the house is adequately priced. This results in stress for both parties as they are not getting an offer at the price they feel is right for them.”
  2. Loss aversion is a term used to describe the emotionally driven efforts of buyers and sellers to concentrate on avoiding loss rather than striving to get the best deal. “This loss aversion keeps the seller from holding on to a better price while a buyer may close the deal early just to avoid losing out to other buyers.”
  3. Irrational fear is also common among both buyers and sellers. Basically, it’s fear of the unknown, which “results in stress that interferes with their ability to negotiate for the best deal for the house.”

The key, then, to avoiding stress when buying or selling a house in Moreno Valley is to change your mindset. Get rid of negative thoughts, be patient, and hold out for the best deal. But there are indeed some practical steps you can take as well.

Stress Management for Sellers

Selling a house in Moreno Valley involves some similar measures to manage stress. These include:


Some sellers will take several months, or even years, to prepare their home for a sale. So if you plan to put your home in the market, start early. Shop around for a listing agent, make obvious repairs, and have renovations made if necessary.”


Although, the first handful of weeks your home is on the market is the critical period for getting an offer, typically, it takes several months for the entire process of selling a home to reach its conclusion. If you realize this and adjust your timetable expectations accordingly, you can avoid a lot of stress.


As we mentioned above, emotional responses are the source of a lot of stress for sellers. So do what experienced home sellers advise: approach “the negotiation table with a sense of detachment [to] help relieve stress. Selling a home is ultimately a business transaction, so don’t be easily discouraged or offended if things don’t go that way you want them to.”


Again, whether you’re buying or selling a house in Moreno Valley, hiring a good agent is a surefire way to reduce stress. Why? “A listing agent will help market your home and give it maximum exposure. They will also protect your interests during negotiations. Working with one will give you the guidance and support you need.”

The Value of a Good Agent

As you can see, then, there are both psychological tactics you can deploy and practical steps you can take to manage stress during the process of buying or selling a house in Moreno Valley. And a common element of stress management for both buying and selling is using an experienced local real estate agent. Really, it’s too big a risk not to use one.

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